a landscape restoration and agroforestry company 



Due to climate change and human behaviour, worldwide desertification has dramatically increased. Over the past four decades, large productive areas have degraded into immense dry lands, depriving people of fertile soil and causing famine, migration and violent conflict.


HOMMES ET TERRE believes that the solution to this global challenge can be found in the dynamisation and valorisation of the most ordinary, but at the same time the most fundamental, relationship of the planet: that between human beings and earth. 


HOMMES ET TERRE is convinced that a future where every human being has sufficient access to fertile ground is within reach and can be attained in a cost-efficient way.


HOMMES ET TERRE recuperates, restores and validates access to fertile ground through reforestation and agroforestry in a responsible and profitable way, based on equitable collaborations with local communities.


In 2018, HOMMES ET TERRE  has over 10,000ha (*) of dry land in the Sahel (Burkina Faso) in recuperation, of which the oldest sites date back to 2009. 


* 10,000ha = the size of Paris, France


Hommes et Terre restores the fertility of the land through the planting of forests and preserves this fertility through their exploitation, based on sustainable and profitable agroforestry.



Equitable, and therefore accountable 

Hommes et Terre operates as a business based on integrity, equality and accountability. All contributions and impacts are monitored, valorised and reported. This drives local communities towards ownership and enables all partners to consider the rate of progress and the impact of the reforestation and agroforestry programme.









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