Our partners

Hommes et Terre could not function without the support of different partners. Together with them, we can make our vision a reality, grow further and be of real importance.


Ecosia has been our search engine partner since 2016. This is a collaboration centred on tree planting. In total, more than 12 million trees have already been planted thanks to Ecosia and its users. Hommes et Terre and Ecosia are growing together.


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has partnered with Hommes et Terre since 2019. This collaboration is primarily focused on the re-fertilisation of degraded soils. In the Sahel alone, more than 500 hectares have already been treated in this way.


Hommes et Terre is the exclusive distributor in West Africa of the Delfino plough made by Nardi. This mechanical tool accelerates water infiltration. Hommes et Terre has therefore set up a logistics and after-sales service – including mechanical training, maintenance and the supply of spare parts.


As a partner of the United Nations, Hommes et Terre strives to achieve many of the Sustainable Development Goals that are so important to the organisation.