About Hommes et Terre

Hommes et Terre is a Belgian-African company with a social vocation. Our mission is to develop and carry out the restoration of degraded land, ensuring that communities have sustainable access to fertile land. Our economic model is to develop and exploit these forests in combination with profitable and sustainable agroforestry, in an equitable collaboration with local communities.


Hommes et Terre undertakes actions that foster and strengthen social cohesion, through knowledge and an understanding of the socio-cultural situation in the regions covered.


Hommes et Terre achieves several UN Sustainable Development Goals through its ecological, economic and social impacts.

Hommes et Terre équipe

Climate change and human activity have transformed large areas of fertile land into barren land, resulting in famine, an influx of refugees and violent conflict. Hommes et Terre is convinced that the solution to this global challenge is to revitalise and develop the most fundamental relationship between humanity and the land. We want to restore the ecosystems with reforestation and agroforestry. It is our belief that if we can restore access to fertile land, we will also be able to restore the (local) economy and empower communities to build a profitable future. This will lead to positive and sustainable results for humanity and the land.

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by taking responsibility and providing guarantees


Hommes et Terre is a company based on integrity, equality and responsibility. All outputs and impacts are monitored, valued and reported. Local communities are then more inclined to become the owners of fertile land, thus enabling all partners to review the progress and impact of the reforestation and agroforestry programme. The values promoted by Hommes et Terre therefore form the cornerstone of a sustainable development that benefits everyone.

Trust in humanity

by promoting self-reliance


Hommes et Terre is convinced of the potential for human development and of its strength. The company therefore focuses on ways to create a supportive environment for local people, as well as on reinforcing the processes. This entails setting clear objectives and achievements, punitive procedures and step-by-step time schedules, all while leveraging the best of the skills and knowhow of local communities.


by taking a leadership role


Hommes et Terre aims to make the reforestation and agroforestry sector more professional in a creative, reliable and sustainable way. It fully backs development – providing this is sustainable and fair. It also supports leadership – if this is inclusive and based on solidarity.


Hommes et Terre aims to become a long-term pioneer partner in the restoration, rehabilitation and validation of fertile soils.

The team of Hommes et Terre



Saydou Kalaga



Kristoff Leue



Stefaan Quinart

Program Director


Eva Dosche



Yves Savadogo

Head of Administration & Accounting


Fatoumata Illa

Communication Manager BF


Adama Sigué

Head of Administration and Accounting Belgium


Trui Kempynck

Administration & Accounting Assistant


Serge Pale

Sahel Regional Coordinator


Idrissa Maiga

stagiair Senegalaise


Gnima Diouf

Junior Forest Engineer


Andreas Mastelinck

Mechanical Division Manager


Ousmane Tamboura

Senegalese trainee


Omar Sall

Division Manager


Siaka Zina

Technical Assistant Forestry


Mohamed Diallo

Audiovisual Director


Thomas Ceulemans

Assistant Pôle Sensibilisation-Communication et Données


Djibril Zorom

Chief Mechanic


Landi Oule

Responsible HT – Mali


Thomas Togo

Awareness, Communication and Data Unit Assistant


Etienne Zoungrana

Forestry Division


Souleymane Konda

Agroforestry technical support


Aristide Kabore

Technical Assistant Forestry


François Yougma

General Data Management Manager


Nadège Valea-Dahani

Technical Adviser


Wim Eilers

Training and Research Manager


Kris Van Looy