Men and Earth, an ancient history

Restaurer des terres desséchées

Hommes et Terre offers services and sets up its own projects, always with the aim of restoring parched land to fertile land. In this way Hommes et Terre wants to rectify the dynamic link between man and land in order to restore the economy and empower communities.


Ever since men has been wandering around on earth, there has been a dynamic and mutual respectful relation between the both of them. By supporting earth, earth has supported men and therefore life. Our modern economic model is focused on exploitation and growing businesses, going further and further away from the necessary complementary model between men and earth.


Restoring parched land

Hommes & Terre is convinced that – by restoring dry land – that ancient relation can be reinstalled. By nurturing earth, we can provide thousands of village people with fertile ground, which is the foundation of a sustainable ecomonic and future proof village development.



Throughout the last 10 years, Hommes & Terre has been involved in the reforestation of more than 10.000 Ha of dry land in the West-African Sahel.  Over 50 villages have been succesfully supported in preparing dry land for new irrigation methods, followed by intensive sowing in preparation for the rain season and resulting in fertile and green land.



Where lots of initiatives stop there, our work has merely started. We will continue to support villages in exploring economical possibilities, we will help them become knowledgeable and we will reward them for entrepeneurship that will enter their village into a new decade.


We truly believe that our restoration and agroforestry programs, in a setup with local beliefs and expertise, will be a game changer in achieving access to fertile ground for every person on earth. `


We invite you to join us on this wonderful and extraordinary journey.


To learn more about our Village Forest Project program, click here.